Sunday, 30 August 2015

what are you doing this sunday?

Sundays seem to be the weekend for most people, i mean to them ,its the best time to do the laundry, make the hair, have a good sleep, do the cleaning. whatever happened to going to church? whatever happpened to worshipping? i tell you this, not going to church today is already one step away from are wondering how?
today might probably be the only day you have to go to church in the week,but you means in a whole week,there was no fellowshipping with God,who knows work might just make you travel next sunday and you might not have the opportunity to go to church aagin.then it becomes two weeks. you can barely pray or read the bible or even understand it on your own?then it means you have not prayed for two  weeks. Now tell me,how do you get up to date on the latest happening on TV if you have been away from it for 2 weeks? its the same thing do you know what God has for you for two weeks and how do you know what the devil ha up his sleeves?you become mightin that cause,step a bit out of his will,then you are a step away from him. you see.just a day of not going to church!. if you not yet in church, you need no one to preach to you. you just need to get up that bed, leave that ,laundry,pick up your bible and go to the nearest church. God is same yesterday, today and forever more.same everywhere. that word today might just be for you.

Thursday, 26 March 2015



       The Google Student Ambassadors,Sadiq Mary Oiza and Alaba Dare Micheal,Ekiti  State University, together with the Google Developer Group Manager, Awosupin Olalere Solomon  on the 24th of March 2015 held a GSoC awareness and meetup with the sole purpose of motivating interested programmers in participating in the Google Summer of Codes;increasing the number of students from Ekiti State University parrticipating in the Google Summer of Code.
       The Buzz had in attendance a total of 35 students with 5 female students in attendance.We had  what i call a"heart to heart" round table discussion where we had to answer some disturbing questions from the students.we had studentswho  were passionate about coding share there experience.we had student speakers like:
 Olunuga Mayowa Anthony-  G-Team                              (Writing programs  with different languages (c++ ,C#,Java)
Awosupin Olalere Solomon- Google Developer Group Manager  (Android)
Sadiq Mary Oiza - Google Student Ambassador (Google Summer of Codes 2015)
    The event began  with a round table discussion about the latest happenings in the school(Ekiti State University), lecturers on strike and student having to go on an unplanned semester break. we further looked at the effects of idleness on students and how we could cub it. Olunuga Mayowa talked about writing programs generally with different languages e.t.c.
 The GDG manager Awosupin Olalere Solomon Talked about android development as the android study Jam Ekiti State University is still in progress. I (Sadiq Mary Oiza) talked about the Google Summer of Code, what it was all about, how it worked and how to register. We also made internet provision and some students had their profiles created in the GSoC website. Of course there was a competition where the first three students to complete their registration had the opportunity of getting a GSoC T-shirt. We had a nice time and we wish participants of this program, suceess.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Life:  some say its sweet, some say its bitter, some say its never fair. I say: life is what you make out of it. If life is not fair,it is what you have made it to be for you. sometimes back, I use to feel, this world was not meant for me, I use to feel everyone hated me,not until I realized that there was never a good enough reason for whatever it was that was wrong with me but rather I was the cause of everything I ever felt was wrong. Bitterness(" a disease deadlier than cancer"- Pastor Dotun Oyawoye) had so taken over me that it reflected in everything I did. Life was miserable until I was made to see the  true picture of things.until being optimistic became part of me,things never worked out well.All I thought was caused by the fact that people hated me seemed to change,then I realized what I had done to myself. then I realized I was never to have taken what life gave to me by default, I was never to have given up on any situation, then I realized I never should have left the presence of God. what is that issue that seems so big that you think God cannot handle?  come on! , you never heard? ".....with God,all things are possible.." Its not time to give up,its not time to back out, but its time; time to get on your knees, time to shake the mountain before you, time to get closer to God my dear. I share this with you today,because someone is in need of this, someone needs to be encouraged. if you have the opportunity,motivate a life today.send this to that friend who has given up on life , who feels there is no hope, encourage someone today. show some love! I love you,God loves you more.

 This is my Concern!

Monday, 10 November 2014

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Some student leaders have been bribed to lead protest against the school; which will disrupt our academic calendar and cause strike.
Note that Fayose has promised to reduce our fees and he would...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

If you are interested in joining the G-team ,Ekiti State university,now is the time.Follow the link below and sign up,Opportunities don't last for long.