Saturday, 6 September 2014

Mon Amigos, Certains Amis,
You feared the improbable, or rather you believed the impossible.
You spread assumptions, or rather, you preached lies.
They have come to say this... I have heard they said that.
Been concerned,  ding-dong thoughts had come and gone.
Nevertheless, Av worried a time and now am done.
How fast can time decide?
To test for every signs...
How well can the sparrow play the flute?
To approve every words...
Even the greatness of the ant 🐜 isn't in the stings.
Even the tiny incus saw your testimony of self.
How possible has the season changed so soon?
With  words left unspoken,
Questions left unasked,
Deeper meanings to the "hi"s
Strangers creating diversion,,,
Only because you made them emeralds.
Anger is pacified just until the rise of the sun..
Shall this continue for another season?
Far be it! If reality is being denied by me.
The silver chain has been van-da-waaled
Surely, this #Olympus has fallen.
This is the entelechy. 🗽
                                                           My friend