Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Life:  some say its sweet, some say its bitter, some say its never fair. I say: life is what you make out of it. If life is not fair,it is what you have made it to be for you. sometimes back, I use to feel, this world was not meant for me, I use to feel everyone hated me,not until I realized that there was never a good enough reason for whatever it was that was wrong with me but rather I was the cause of everything I ever felt was wrong. Bitterness(" a disease deadlier than cancer"- Pastor Dotun Oyawoye) had so taken over me that it reflected in everything I did. Life was miserable until I was made to see the  true picture of things.until being optimistic became part of me,things never worked out well.All I thought was caused by the fact that people hated me seemed to change,then I realized what I had done to myself. then I realized I was never to have taken what life gave to me by default, I was never to have given up on any situation, then I realized I never should have left the presence of God. what is that issue that seems so big that you think God cannot handle?  come on! , you never heard? ".....with God,all things are possible.." Its not time to give up,its not time to back out, but its time; time to get on your knees, time to shake the mountain before you, time to get closer to God my dear. I share this with you today,because someone is in need of this, someone needs to be encouraged. if you have the opportunity,motivate a life today.send this to that friend who has given up on life , who feels there is no hope, encourage someone today. show some love! I love you,God loves you more.

 This is my Concern!