Sunday, 30 August 2015

what are you doing this sunday?

Sundays seem to be the weekend for most people, i mean to them ,its the best time to do the laundry, make the hair, have a good sleep, do the cleaning. whatever happened to going to church? whatever happpened to worshipping? i tell you this, not going to church today is already one step away from are wondering how?
today might probably be the only day you have to go to church in the week,but you means in a whole week,there was no fellowshipping with God,who knows work might just make you travel next sunday and you might not have the opportunity to go to church aagin.then it becomes two weeks. you can barely pray or read the bible or even understand it on your own?then it means you have not prayed for two  weeks. Now tell me,how do you get up to date on the latest happening on TV if you have been away from it for 2 weeks? its the same thing do you know what God has for you for two weeks and how do you know what the devil ha up his sleeves?you become mightin that cause,step a bit out of his will,then you are a step away from him. you see.just a day of not going to church!. if you not yet in church, you need no one to preach to you. you just need to get up that bed, leave that ,laundry,pick up your bible and go to the nearest church. God is same yesterday, today and forever more.same everywhere. that word today might just be for you.